[Buyer’s Choice] Top 10 Black Friday Deals for 2016

Top 10 Black Friday Deals :: Every Black Friday, there are some deals that offer consumers the best quality items for the best savings. These are the things that you want to make sure end up on your list because you just can’t get the same deal any other time of the year.

Top 10 Black Friday Deals

The Top 10 Black Friday Deals / Top 10 Black Friday Deals start with electronics. Cell phones will be a huge hit as gifts or for personal use and the new iPhone 6

is at the top of the list. There are always new smartphones being released and people can’t wait to upgrade.

Television sets can range from low-level cost to thousands of dollars. But you can find bargain deals from name brands on Black Friday in 2016. Several of these name brands offer some good deals for the end of the year.

First up is Toshiba with their L7400 Series. The 55L7400U 55 inches Smart LED TV has a fast refresh rate, smart function with a multi-screen that allows consumers to customize the setup. Plus, Toshiba usually offers free tech support for up to a month after the purchase.

Next, the Samsung line has good quality in their H series. The ones you want to look for on sale this year are their H5500, H6350, H6400, H7150 and the H8000. The HU9000 is expected to be the biggest seller.

With laptop deals, you can expect some more of what consumers saw in 2015 in great quality from Apple. You want to be the first to catch deals on the Apple MacBook Air.

This model has a fourth generation processor, a 12-hour battery, 4GB RAM and 128 GB. The other Apple laptop Black Friday deal to watch for is the Apple MacBook Pro – since this latest version can be costly during the rest of the year. If you beat the rush for this one, you can save a bundle on Black Friday.

Tablets will also be available for Black Friday (Top 10 Black Friday Deals). The top contender in this category is the Apple iPad Air – probably because it’s fast, durable and gives a lot of features for the price.

But following closely on the heels of the Air is the Google Nexus. If you’re looking for an Android gaming tablet, you want to grab the Black Friday deal on the Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Next up are gaming consoles. Besides televisions, laptops, and iPhones, these items are always hot sellers and you can get some good deals if you get them on time.

One of the ones that’s touted to be the biggest deal this season is the Playstation 4. It’s the number one bestselling console. It has features like the SHARE factory app, 500 GB of memory and it allows users to share their best game moments with online players in real time.

Toys, especially the most popular ones, are going to sell out like hotcakes and the top contender this year for Black Friday is the My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll.

In fact, all of the Frozen Toys will be selling out whenever supplies are low, so make sure if you see any Black Friday deals on these, you snap them up if you have a fan on your gift list, because you don’t want to have to pay top dollar after they’re all gone.

Top 10 Black Friday Deals for 2016 (Top 10 Black Friday Deals)

As the biggest category of items sold on Black Friday, electronics should be at the top of your list. By making a list and shopping for all of the electronic items you want at once, you can end up saving enough money to buy something you think of as a splurge.

Some of the biggest sellers on the Black Friday 2016 electronics list are going to be televisions, DVD players, music players such as iPods, computers – desktops, laptops and tablets, iPhones, eReaders, and even electronic toys for kids and adults.

Black Friday 2016 Electronics Deals

Since you can’t predict if the quantity will be enough to satisfy the number of people wanting these items, you have to be prepared to act as fast as you can. Look for your name brand items first, especially if these are big ticket items such as if you’re looking for a new television.

The brand name items always move off the shelves or out of the warehouse first. The top selling brands for televisions that you’re going to find on sale for Black Friday 2016 will be Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Vizio.

Even though Vizio doesn’t have the same level of household familiarity that other brands do, the brand has made a name for itself thanks to the durability of their products.

For DVD players, look for Samsung, Toshiba or Sony products. If you’re looking for the portable DVD players, then look for Sylvania, RCA, or Philips – because you’ll get good quality viewing at a good sale price. The portable ones make great gifts, too.

The iPods you want to look for are the Touch and the Shuffle. Your best bet is to look for the 4th generation if you can’t find the 6th generation. If you find some discount stores selling old 3rd generation ones, you want to avoid these. This was not Apple’s best iPod and you’re better off buying the later versions.

Computers are a HOT item when ti comes to Black Friday 2016 Electronics Deals. If you’re thinking of getting a desktop, go with Dell, HP, Apple iMac, Acer or Lenovo. Laptops are going to be one of the top selling categories in electronics on Black Friday in 2016 (Top 10 Black Friday Deals).

You want to look for the Apple iBook, Dell, HP, Toshiba or Samsung – because those are the brands with the highest consumer satisfaction ratings. For the best tablets, choose ones put out by Google, Microsoft, Samsung or Apple.

Searching for an iPhone will be fairly easy if you want the latest iPhone 6 or you want one of the older ones – the iPhone 5. Both of these are great products. If you want an eReader, look for the Kindle or Nook, although Sony also has a good one.

Black Friday 2016 PS4 Deals

One of the reasons that the PS4 is slated to be such a popular seller for Black Friday 2016 is because of the versatility of the console. It can be used for a lot of different things, plus it makes the perfect gift for kids or adults.

It’s also a good gift idea if you have multiple kids as long as you buy enough controllers for everyone to use. The PlayStation 4 console gives gamers plenty of storage space at 500 GB.

So this is space to spare for games, videos, pictures, movies and more. You can watch both DVD and BluRay discs on this device. Because safety is an issue when you have smaller kids and younger teens that can be lured by a stranger, the console allows for tight parental control.

Parents can set limits on what information kids can share. They can also limit what games kids can play and even set a spending limit for online game purchases.

The share feature allows players to show off their moves on social media. With the live stream feature, friends and family can watch you play. The controller that comes with the PS4 is a high quality controller – the DualShock 4 Wireless controller.

This controller can be used with either console and it has a long running time on a single charge. When you set a game up to play, there’s not a lag time for the game to download.

You can start playing immediately. The console can support up to 4 players at once, so you’ll need to buy extra controllers. Now when the Black Friday 2016 PS4 Deals come out, you’ll want to see if the PlayStation 3 Console goes on sale like it has in the past.

This console is BluRay compatible as well. Compared to the PS4, this console does have a slight lag time when games are starting. It also has 500 GB, which means that you can store a lot.

You can have over 3,000 games or about 250 movies in storage. It is slimmer than other versions of the console, but it does have 3D capabilities for great looking graphics.

It has the ability to connect to the wi-fi in your home for quick downloading of games. What you want to pay attention to when you’re looking for these deals are the headsets that go on sale on Black Friday (Top 10 Black Friday Deals).

These headsets are bestsellers and they’re expensive, so grab them when they’re on sale as accessories. The one you want to look for is the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset – and it can be used for either console. It has surround sound along with a microphone for easy chatting with other players.

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Black Friday 2016 Tablet Deals under Top 10 Black Friday Deals

The good news about tablets is that there are always great deals on these items every Black Friday and with the release of the new models, you can pick up the previous model for an even bigger savings.

The Black Friday 2016 tablet deals (Top 10 Black Friday Deals) that you want to watch for are put out by Samsung, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Apple. You’ll probably be able to pick up the iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, the Surface 32GB and the HP 7″ tablet for anywhere from 20 to 50% off depending on where you buy them.

With the tablets, you get increased productivity because desktops and laptops take longer to start up and aren’t as portable as tablets are. Plus, you can use a tablet for short bursts of time that you’d normally waste – such as sitting while waiting for an appointment.

With a tablet, you can quickly check email, make notes during a meeting or schedule future appointments. A tablet lets you read eBooks comfortably and some people prefer this over an eReader.

With each generation and brand of tablets, the battery life has increased as manufacturers have listened to what consumers want in their products. You can now find tablets with a battery that will last the duration of a day.The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is the latest tablet from the company that you can expect to see on sale during Black Friday. You can get this tablet with 4 or 8 GB of memory.

It’s 4th generation Core TM i5 and has 128 GB of storage space. It has Windows 8.1 Pro. Expect to save 25% to 35% on this one. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the newest tablet from Samsung.

You can get it in 16 or 32 GB. It has Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS and comes loaded with some free extras like Hulu Plus, Google Play credit and a free magazine subscription.

The rear camera is 8 MP auto focus and the front camera is 2 MP. The tablet offers Dolby 5.1 surround sound. It comes with a pen that allows you take notes with the tablet.Apple’s iPad Air starts at 16 GB but goes all the way up to 128 GB. It has the Apple iOS 5 and 10 hours of battery life. It contains the A7 chip and M7 motion. The HP 7 Plus is a quad core tablet that offers 8 GB of storage but gives consumers an additional 25 GB of storage on Box.

The tablet runs Android Jelly Bean. You can expect this great tablet to show up online and in retail stores for under $100 during Black Friday– and since it’s slated to be one of the best tablets for that price, especially by a trusted, well-respected company, you’ll want to get this one.

Black Friday Computer Deals for 2016 (Top 10 Black Friday Deals)

There are two best times every year to buy computers along with any additional computer software. Those times are back to school sales in August and Black Friday in November. Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on the upcoming Black Friday Computer Deals for 2016.

The amount that you can save can be pretty substantial, leaving room in the budget for you to buy some extra goodies. Last year, the Dell Inspiron 660 Core i5 was on sale and it had the big 24 inch screen with the huge 1TB hard drive.

That means plenty of power for gaming. Now typically, the tower is sold for around $600 – but during that Black Friday sale / Top 10 Black Friday Deals, you could get the tower and the big screen for only $500.

Because that was a bundled deal, that was a fantastic savings. That’s what you can expect for the Black Friday computer deals for 2016 / Top 10 Black Friday Deals – and you want to be on the lookout this year from the newer models.

Plus, the older models should also go on sale. Look for the 3000 and 5000 series AIO desktop models. These have some features that you won’t want to miss out on.

Another great Black Friday Computer Deal for 2016 (Top 10 Black Friday Deals) is from Dell. It’s their Inspiron One 20. This is a desktop, but it’s also a touchscreen – and that’s kind of the wave of the future, so watch for this one to go on sale again.

These have a lot of storage space. You can’t really use this one for gaming – it’s not the best for that – but it’s great for school and home. It’s HD, so you can look for that to make its rounds again with the latest sales.

The All in One or AIO desktops that you want to look for on Black Friday 2016 are the 20 and the 23 series. Apple iMacs rarely get discounted except on Black Friday / Top 10 Black Friday Deals, so put these at the top of your list and make sure you’re first in line to get one before they sell out.

You can usually find iMacs discounted for anywhere from $100 to $300. Look for the ones with the 27-inch or the 21.5 inch screens to go on sale. Now if you’re into gaming or know someone who is, you’ll want to get a desktop that’s made for game play.

That’s what the Alienware X51 is – and you can expect it to follow up last year’s sale with another one this year. Back in 2013, the HP Pavilion 23, a touchscreen desktop, was on sale.

It had Windows 8 and a 23 inch screen. This year, you want to look for sales on the HP Pavilion 500qe desktop. It usually sells for around $600. Look for it to be on sale for about 20 percent off.

Remember that if you find a desktop you really like, but you don’t like the latest operating system on it, you can have that system switched out for a version that you do like.  Be sure to get the most from Black Friday Computer Deals for 2016.

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