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Barbie Black Friday Deals

Written By | Last updated on Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Barbie Black Friday Deals – Barbie deals on Black Friday have always been a consideration in my memory. For many years, my daughters have enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls! And if you can find them for a great price, stock up on some and keep them for any upcoming kid-friendly birthday events.

I RESEARCHED ALL THE TOP STORES FOR BARBIE BLACK FRIDAY AND INCLUDED THEM IN THIS BLOG POST. You can then create your strategy for saving money and find the deal you want!

SaleBlack Friday Deal 1
Barbie Pop Reveal Doll & Accessories, Rise & Surprise Fruit Series Gift Set with Scented Doll, Squishy Scented Pet, Color Change, Moldable Sand & More, 15+ Surprises
  • With 15+ surprises in one sweet gift set, Barbie Pop Reveal Rise and Surprise doll and accessories deliver a sensory unboxing experience with fruit-themed fun!
  • ​Kids remove the outer layer of packaging and press the button on the handle to watch Barbie doll rise to the top like magic — she looks refreshing with pink streaks in her blonde hair and a fruit-themed swimsuit!
  • Keep unboxing to find a squishy and scented pet, a colorful cover-up and beachy accessories, like a flamingo headband for Barbie doll, sunglasses for the pet and flamingo floaties for both besties!
  • Discover additional pieces inside surprise bags and ice cubes that really “pop” open — a mini-drink and pair of shoes for Barbie doll; use the cubes for storage or repeat reveals!
  • ​Find even more pieces for storytelling — moldable sand, a shovel, bucket and starfish can be used to create unique sand sculptures.
  • ​Use icy cold water to reveal the doll’s face makeup and warm water to change back for a repeat color-change surprise!
  • Decorate the top of the drink lid with the 4 included toppers, like a strawberry, stars or a candy swirl!
  • ​Filled with surprises and fun, the Barbie Pop Reveal Fruit Series gift set will make a splash with kids 3 years and older, especially those who love sensory play!
  • Multilingual (Publication Language)
SaleBlack Friday Deal 2
Barbie Gymnastics Doll & Accessories, Playset with Blonde Fashion Doll, C-Clip for Flipping Action, Balance Beam, Warm-Up Suit & More
  • Kids will flip out imagining a career in gymnastics with Barbie doll and her balance beam — the playset includes 10+ themed pieces to inspire winning stories!
  • Snap Barbie doll’s waist into the c-clip and use to help her perform cartwheels, flips, leaps and more!!
  • Dance a rockin’ floor routine with a pair of hoops or batons — they have handles so her hands can really hold them!!
  • Tell stories before and after routines with additional accessories that include a trophy, medal, water bottle and snack!!
  • Barbie gymnast doll wears a colorful iridescent leotard with her blonde hair in a ponytail and has a warm-up suit, sneakers and gym bag to let imaginations travel!!
  • With so many pieces to inspire dreams, this Barbie playset makes a great toy for kids 3 years and older, especially those who love sports and gymnastics!
SaleBlack Friday Deal 3
Barbie Soccer Fashion Doll with Brunette Ponytail, Colorful #16 Uniform, Cleats & Tall Socks, Soccer Ball
  • Celebrate one of kids’ favorite sports with this Barbie soccer doll!
  • Barbie soccer doll (11.5 in) features a uniform inspired by a globally popular color scheme!
  • Ready to go for the goal, Barbie soccer doll sports a green shirt with red stripes, the number “16” and a team patch plus white shorts, cleats and tall green socks.
  • Barbie soccer doll also has a brunette ponytail and comes with a soccer ball accessory.
  • Makes a great gift for kids 3 years old and up, especially those interested in soccer, sports and fitness!
SaleBlack Friday Deal 4
Barbie Nurse Fashion Doll with Medical Tool Print Top & Pink Pants, White Shoes & Stethoscope Accessory
  • Explore caretaking career fun with the Barbie nurse doll and related accessories!
  • Wearing cute scrubs featuring a medical-tool print top, pink pants and white shoes, Barbie nurse doll (12-in/30.40-cm) is ready make her rounds and check on patients!
  • Place the stethoscope around Barbie nurse doll’s neck for realistic play.
  • Explore a world of creative storytelling fun with the Barbie nurse doll!
  • Makes a great gift for kids 3 years old and up, especially those interested in caretaking and helping others!
  • English (Publication Language)
SaleBlack Friday Deal 5
Barbie It Takes Two Doll & Accessories, Playset with Kayak, Puppy & More, Daisy Doll with Curvy Body & Pink Hair
  • Inspire the ultimate camping trip with this Barbie playset featuring Daisy doll inspired by the hit Barbie series, It Takes Two!
  • Dress Daisy doll and her pet puppy in their life vests and seat them in the kayak, then paddle into fun!
  • A water bottle keeps Daisy doll hydrated all day long, and an activity camera mounts to the front of the kayak to document her trip.
  • Daisy doll is ready for all-day play in denim-inspired shorts, a printed top and sporty boots. A waist bag and stylish sunglasses complete her adventure-ready look.
  • With so many storytelling opportunities, this Barbie It Takes Two playset makes a great gift for kids ages 3 to 7 years old, especially those that love the great outdoors!

I include Amazon links when I type up the deals so that you can read the reviews. Additionally, I include them because Amazon frequently lowers its prices to coincide with Black Friday.

I add the flashing light to the deal to let you know if I see that the price on Amazon has already surpassed or matched the Black Friday price for the item.

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