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Dash Cam Black Friday Deals 2024 with Buying Guide

Written By | Last updated on Monday, May 20th, 2024

The Top 25 Best Dash Cam Black Friday 2023 – Black Friday Dash Cam Deals, Sales, ADs 2023. Shop Online Best Dash Cam Black Friday Deals.

ProductTop Features
Vantrue N2 Pro* Front & Inside dash camera
* Infrared night vision
Rexing V1 Car Dash Camera* Parking Monitor
* 170 degree wide angle lens
WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam* Advanced driver assistance
* Super HD 2304x1296P resolution
APEMAN Dual Dash Cam* Powerful motion detector
* Dual dash cam front & rear camera
Crosstour Dual Lens Dash Cam* Front and rear dual lens dash cam
* 170° wide angle lens
Rove R2-4K Dash Cam* 4K video recording
* Loop cycle recording
VAVA Dash Camera* Sony night vision sensor
* 24-hour parking monitor
APEMAN Mini Dash Cam* Highly affordable
* Full HD video recording

Dash Cam Black Friday Deals 2024

Best Black Friday Dash Cam Deals 2023

  • Nextbase – 522GW Dash Cam
  • Anker ROAV – C2 Pro Dash Cam
  • Kenwood – DRV-N520 Dash Cam
  • Cobra – Drive HD Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam with iRadar
  • PAPAGO – GoSafe 550 Dash Cam
  • THINKWARE – F70 Dash Cam
  • Kenwood – DRV-A301W Dash Cam
  • myGEKOgear – OwlScout Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam
  • THINKWARE – F200D Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam
  • Rexing – V1P Plus Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam
  • THINKWARE – F800 Dash Cam
  • Rexing – V1 Plus Dash Cam
  • Car and Driver – CDC-646 Dash Cam
  • Owlcam – 4G LTE Smart Dash Cam
  • Car and Driver – Eye 1 Pro Dash Cam

Buy an in-dash digital video camera recorder for your car this Black Friday or Cyber Monday at tremendous savings. Check back regularly for updates on the best deals from your favorite retailers to kick start your holiday shopping.

  • Front – Facing Dashcams
  • Front + Rear Dashcams
  • Front + Inside Dashcams
  • Professional Dashcams

We’re putting together a list of dash cam deals for Cyber Monday after Black Friday.

Black Friday Dash Cam Related Deals

Black Friday Dash Cam Deals Explained

So here is our list of Best Dash Cam Black Friday Deals. You can say that a lot of benefits come with Dash Cam.

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam, also known as a dashboard camera, is a video camera that is mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield. This video camera is used to continuously record what is happening on the road in front of your vehicle and, in some cases, inside and behind your vehicle.

The legalities of a dash cam are different in each state in terms of where they can be mounted and whether you can record video only or if you can record video and audio. So make sure you learn what’s legal in your state before making a purchase. This will help you buy what you need to get your new dash cam up and running—legally. Knowing this will also help keep you from needing to make an additional parts purchase or have to return your dash cam because you didn’t know the law.

Types of Dash Cams

Dash cams come in different options from which you can choose.

  • Basic Dash Cams – These don’t contain many features and are either wired into your vehicle’s electrical system or plugged into a cigarette lighter or 12V socket.
  • Advanced Feature Dash Cams – This type of dash cam comes with more advanced features such as audio recording, speed sensors, accelerometers, and uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Dual Camera Dash Cams – A dual camera dash cam is actually two cameras in one device with one facing the outside of the vehicle and one facing the inside of the vehicle.
  • Remote Cams – These are mounted on the rear windshield of your vehicle to protect you from behind, whereas, a dash cam is mounted on your front windshield.
  • Rear View Mirror Dash Cam – This is simply a dash cam that is small, discreet, and mounted to your rearview mirror.

Best Dash Cam Brands

Here is a quick overview of the best dash cam brands.

Dash Cam Buying Guide

12-volt Power Dash Cam

I expected all dash cam manufacturers to adopt OBD-style power connections this year, but Garmin and the majority of others appear to be sticking with the auxiliary 12-volt power socket (also known as the cigarette lighter) and USB cables. When you turn off the car, however, that power vanishes.

The OBD-II connector is used by outliers like the Owl and PureCam for constant 12-volt power, and OBD-II-to-USB power cables are now available separately (as an alternative to hardwiring kits that draw constant 12-volt power from the wiring harness).

Any dash cam will fit in one with a USB Type A port, which I recommend. Mini-USB is the most common type of captive cable I’ve seen.

Battery (or super-capacitor) Power Dash Cam

If you want to ensure that you record the entire incident when 12-volt power is lost, you’ll need a battery that will keep the camera recording after an accident. It also allows you to record for a while with the car turned off if the run time is sufficient.

While super-capacitors improve the number of times they can be recharged and the operating temperature range, they don’t record for very long, if at all, when 12-volt power is disrupted in a crash.

  • Incident recording triggered by impact (G) sensors, or when in parking mode (see below), by motion detection.
  • Continuous loop recording to minimize storage requirements. Video is recorded then immediately overwritten at a specified interval unless saved. Video  is saved (protected from overwriting) automatically when an incident is detected. Most dash cams will overwrite older recordings when they run out of space.
  • Cloud storage is available with some dash cams. Uploading to the cloud in real time is a nice hedge against damage and theft. Assuming the thief isn’t smart enough to kill the dash cam immediately.
  • Self-powered recording when power fails so that you can be sure to capture all of an incident. This requires a battery or large super-capacitor (See above). The camera should have a setting that allows you to set how long the camera runs off 12-volt before shutting down.
  • A decently wide field of view: You’ll see cameras with as little as 90 degrees’ field of view, but you’ll catch more of what’s around you if you go for 120 to 140 degrees. Some cameras offer 160 to 180 degree lenses. Note that the wider the field of view, the more fish-eye distortion there is, and more processing is involved to compensate.
  • Day and night video recording (night quality is a big variant)
  • Infrared lighting is important if you want to assure good captures of events inside the cabin of your vehicle.
  • MicroSD card storage. Pricier dash cams bundle a storage card. Some come with larger cards, and some budget models come without. There are often bundles available with the card. One camera we’re aware of, the Owl, opts for hard-wired internal storage.
  • GPS: This feature could be the tipping point if you use your captured video to resolve a dispute. Watermarking the video is common, but when embedded into the video GPS info is also immensely useful for mapping your travels. GPS will also automatically set the time in better cameras.
  • Parking monitoring: This can mean two things. Running the dash cam continuously in low frame rate mode to save card space and battery, or running in standby mode and awakening when motion or g-forces are detected.  We/ve reviewed cameras (VaVa) that have a battery large enough to monitor the car with the 12-volt turned off for several days, but most cameras require a constant 12-volt source.  (See above).
  • Dual-channel support: This is what you’ll need if you want to run both front and rear, or interior (cabin-view) cameras. Interior cameras are generally situated on the dash cam, but rear cameras are separate and require additional cabling.
  • HDR (high dynamic range) isn’t necessary, but does make for more detailed video because of better contrast. It also generally indicates richer color which is part of the movement, if not strictly related.
  • Phone connectivity is not essential, but can make offloading video and configuring the dash cam easier.

The Black Friday Dash Cam Deals will starts in a few days. Dash Cam Deals will be available at a whopping discount.

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