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The Top 10 Best Black Friday 4k Projectors Deals 2023

Written By | Last updated on Sunday, July 21st, 2024

The Top 10 Best Black Friday 4k Projector Deals 2023 – 4k Projectors Black Friday Deals – Shop Online 4k Projectors and Save huge on this Black Friday.

There’s no better way to watch a movie or play a video game than on a massive screen. And, now that 4K is more widely available, you’ll need a fantastic 4K projector to get the largest screen possible.

Despite the fact that prices have dropped dramatically in recent years, Ultra HD 4K projectors still cost more than their 1080p counterparts. However, the low end of the 4K projector range now costs just a little more than the high end of the 1080p range, implying that 4K content is now within reach!

Black Friday 4k Projector Deals 2023

A perfect way to get the large cinematic screen experience in the comforts of your own home is with the new 4 K projectors. What most people don’t know, however, is that because they are so easy to switch from room to room, projectors can be more portable than TVs.

For its combination of gorgeous design and an outstanding 4 K picture, the LG HU80KS is our top choice. It’s compatible with HDR10 and can beam a crystal clear image for an immersive, cinematic experience on a surface that is up to 150 inches.

If you are looking for a projector that can better your gaming sessions as well, then take a look at the Optoma UHD30. This flexible projector can be mounted on a ceiling or set on a tabletop, plus an improved gaming mode offers a lag-free input experience that can run at 240hz.

In this post, we listed 4k Projectors deals. Our team analyzed and shortlisted top products wit Black Friday Deals of 4k Projectors

Best 4k Projectors Black Friday Deals 2024

Black Friday 4k Projectors Deals – Our Pick Optoma UHD51A 4K UHD Smart Home Theater Projector, Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Best 4k Projector
Best 4k Projector

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Top 10 Black Friday 4k Projector Deals Explained

A projector with a good contrast ratio, colour gamut, keystone correction, and brightness can easily compete with a 4K UHD projector that only offers higher resolution at the expense of everything else.

If 4K HDR isn’t your top priority, check out our best home theatre projectors for 2021 feature for more, often less expensive, options — after all, even the cheapest 4K projector isn’t cheap. If portability is more important to you, we also have a list that will help you find a portable projector.

The best 4K projectors, on the other hand, combine excellent picture quality in all aspects with 4K resolution for truly incredible images. We looked at things like how well the project works in natural light, how easy it was to adjust the brightness and achieve colour accuracy, and how large your “screen size” can truly be. Here are the best projectors for 4K content if you’re ready to take your home theatre to the next level.

So here is our list of Best 4k Projectors Black Friday Deals 2021.

1. LG HU80KS Black Friday – Best 4k Projector

LG HU80KA 150” 4K UHD Resolution (3840 x 2160) Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector, 2500 ANSI Lumen, Smart TV enabled, HDR10 - Black
  • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution at up to 2500 lumens brightness
  • Up to 150" Screen size.Built-in Speakers:7W + 7W Stereo
  • HDR10 compatible; Standby Mode: Less than 0.5W
  • Lg Smart TV enabled. Power Supply (Voltage, Hz) - 100V – 240V @ 50~60 Hz (PSU Built-in)
  • Bluetooth sound Out.Power Consumption:280W (Max)
  • Projection image: 150 inch @14. 1ft, 100 inch @9. 5ft, 40 inch @3. 6ft

LG HU80KS 4k Projector Black Friday – With its flip-top lid and handy handle, LG’s HU80KS projector features an utterly gorgeous style. However, this projector has more than just good looks, as it supports top line specs like HDR10, 2000 lumens of brightness, 20,000 lamp hour life, and the ability to project an image at 4 K resolution, all up to 150 inches.

2. ViewSonic PX747 4K Projector Black Friday

ViewSonic True 4K Projector with 3500 Lumens HDR Support and Dual HDMI for Home Theater Day and Night, Stream Netflix with Dongle (PX747-4K)
  • BIG SCREEN HOME THEATER: Immersive cinema-like experience in 4K UHD (3840x2160p), 4X the clarity of Full HD, on a screen up to 300 inches in 3500 lumens
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS: This home theater projector delivers stunning home entertainment around the clock, day and night, in bright or dark rooms
  • HDR CONTENT SUPPORT: With the ability to decode HDR video signals, this projector delivers incredibly detailed video playback
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: SuperEco mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up to 15,000 hours
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: Supports most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as HDMI1.4 with HDCP 1.4, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, USB, and more
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: PX747-4K 4K UHD Projector, Power Cable, VGA Cable, and Remote Control

ViewSonic PX747 4K Projector Black Friday – For the ultimate home theatre experience, the ViewSonic 4 K Projector supports HDR content and 4 K resolution. It also has a 10W speaker, dual HDMI connectivity, 15,000 hours of lamp life, and 3,500 lumens of brightness, so you can project images in any room.

3. Optoma UHD30 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector Black Friday

You Save : $280.00
Optoma UHD30 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector | 16ms Response Time with Enhanced Gaming Mode | Lowest Input Lag on 4K Projector | 240Hz Refresh Rate | HDR10 & HLG
  • TRUE 4K ULTRA HD: Experience high-quality home cinema feel with 4K Ultra HD with 8.3 million distinct addressable on-screen pixels
  • LAG-FREE GAMING: Introducing the ultra-fast 240Hz gaming projector enabling blur-free visuals and unparalelled smoothness––combined with Enhanced Gaming Mode to produce a 16ms response time, or 26ms at 4K UHD for the lowest input lag on a 4K projector
  • HDR & HLG COMPATIBLE: Enjoy brighter whites and deeper black levels for an enhanced viewing experience of images and videos, enabled by HDR10 & HLG technologies
  • CRISP, COLORFUL PICTURE: UltraDetail technology ensures enhanced image sharpness with a higher frame rate to deliver a crystal clear picture; RGBWRGBW 8 segment color wheel increases the color ratio for richer, vivid and cinematic image
  • DYNAMIC BLACK: Dynamic Black technology provides more depth to the image by smoothing lamp output to create a high contrast ratio (500,000:1); bright scenes appear clear while dark scenes remain detailed
  • EASY IMAGE SETUP: Whether ceiling mounted or placed on a table, get the picture just right with 1.1x zoom and ±40° keystone correction
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT: Enjoy 3,400 lumens of brightness in your home theater room, family room, gaming room – or even outdoors for backyad movie nights
  • VARIETY OF INPUTS: Connect with most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 support, HDMI 4K, USB, VGA, and more
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: Enjoy up to 15,000 hours of lamp life, enabling an average of two 2-hour movies every day 10+ years
  • STANDARD THROW PROJECTION: Project a 100" image from approximately 11 feet away; project a 120" image from approximately 14 feet away; UHD30 projects up to a 302" image

Optoma UHD30 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector Black Friday – For a versatile viewing experience, the Optoma UHD30 can be ceiling-mounted or put on a table. This 4 K projector also supports HDR, has two HDMI inputs, and has a lamp life rating of 15,000 hours. Best of all, it is ready for 4 K UHD gaming, so Xbox One X and PlayStation Pro users can get the best possible lag-free experience.

4. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K Projector Black Friday

You Save : $504.99
Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector with HDR,White
  • 4K PRO-UHD (1) Projection Technology – A new type of 4K home theater experience utilizing advanced processing for resolution enhancement, color and image processing – resulting in an exceptional 4K home theater experience
  • True 3-Chip Projector Design – Advanced 3LCD technology displays 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame. This allows for an outstanding color gamut while maintaining excellent brightness, without any “rainbowing” or “color brightness” issues some may see with other projector technologies
  • Pixel-Shift Processor – Advanced pixel-shifting processor precisely controls three high-definition LCD chips to parallel process millions of pixels of information. This new type of resolution enhancement technology (1) results in an exceptionally sharp 4K visual experience
  • HDR Processor – Full 10-bit HDR (2) color processing accepting 100% of the HDR source information to faithfully reproduce HDR content for an exceptional visual performance
  • Digital Imaging Processor – Real-time 12-bit analog-to-digital video processing for smooth tonal transitions, while helping to eliminate banding, blocking and other compression artifacts from the final visual performance. This powerful processor faithfully reproduces the source material the way it was intended to be shown
  • Outstanding Brightness – Capable of displaying 4K content at an incredible 2,600 lumens for both color and white brightness (3). This not only provides for a wider performance envelope but allows for an exceptional HDR performance
  • Epson UltraBlack Technology – Epson created a Proprietary Compensation Filter designed to control the polarization of light itself. This allows Epson to suppress any stray light within the signal, producing an outstanding Dynamic Contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1
  • Precision HDR (2) Adjustment – Real-time HDR curve adjustment allowing for 16-steps of control to fine-tune the HDR performance – regardless of the content being displayed
  • Extreme Color Gamut – One of the first commercially available home theater projectors capable of displaying the full three-dimensional DCI-P3 (4) color space. This extreme color performance is 50% wider than typical 1-chip Rec. 709 (5) projectors and allows for a truly professional-level of color accuracy
  • Epson Precision Lens Technology – Designed for zero light leakage, all Epson Precision Lenses utilize a proprietary 15-element precision glass structure for outstanding image clarity and edge-to-edge focus uniformity

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K Projector Black Friday – The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB offers an amazingly colour-accurate image at a sharp 4 K resolution with a 3-chip LCD projector configuration. It supports HDR10, 2600 lumens of brightness and a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 for colours and whites.

5. BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Home Theater Projector Black Friday

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Home Theater Projector with HDR and HLG | 3000 Lumens for Ambient Lighting | 96% Rec. 709 for Accurate Colors | Keystone for Easy Setup | Stream Netflix and Prime Video
  • 4K PROJECTION TECHNOLOGY - 8.3 million distinct pixels deliver awe-inspiring 4K UHD image quality with stunning clarity and crisply defined details. NOT Double HD or 2K like other manufacturers
  • DLP BETTER BY DESIGN - DLP Technology provides a better image resolution and quality without the "jaggier" and more pixelated compared to other technologies
  • PLAY GAMES IN 4K.: Play your favorite console games in sharp 4K and picture quality. Lower input lag on this projector makes gaming fun on your PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and others.
  • HIGH CONTRAST RATIO: A high Native contrast ratio ensures that the image quality is sharp and has the best Black levels in its class
  • OUTSTANDING BRIGHTNESS: Packed with 3000 Lumens of brightness, this projector is a great living room addition to watch all your sport events.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR IMAGE: All glass 4k-optimized lens Array (7 elements/4 groups) with greater light penetration increase image clarity and sharpness
  • Included Components: Remote, Power Cord, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Lens Cover

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Home Theater Projector Black Friday – In a lightweight, colourful box, the BenQ TK800 M projects 3000 Lumens and supports HDR10 at 4 K resolution. It also features dual HDMI ports, lamp life of up to 15,000 hours, and dedicated sports modes, so it’ll feel like you’re directly watching the event.

Overall, you can say that a lot of benefits come with 4k Projectors .

Black Friday 4k Projectors Deals
Black Friday 4k Projector Deals

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Black Friday deals are coming with a plethora of benefits, so do yourself a favor and check out some 4k Projectors from different brands. Be assured that you won’t burn a hole in your pocket as brands are expected to provide a huge discount on these 4k Projectors.

Hope this list of the best 4k Projectors will be helpful for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our site or our reviews, and we will be happy to help you with your purchasing decisions in any way we can.

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