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Top 10 Best Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals 2023

Written By | Last updated on Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

Focal Utopia Headphone Black Friday 2023 – Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals, Sales, ADs 2023. Shop Online Best Focal Utopia Headphone Black Friday Deals.

The most awaited Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals 2023 is about to start.

Have you planned your brand new Focal Utopia Headphone yet?

Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone
Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone

If your answer is no, then you don’t need to worry. The following article has all the things. It will make your confusion clear to buy a new Focal Utopia Headphone.

Welcome to the Best updated Site of The Black Friday Deals 2024.

Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals 2023

In this post we listed Focal Utopia Headphone Deals. Our team analyzed top products related to Focal Utopia Headphone. Our Team recommending the following products.

Focal Utopia Headphone Black Friday Deals 2024

Our Pick – Focal Utopia Headphone

Best Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals 2023

Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Related Deals

Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals Explained

So here is our list of Best Focal Utopia Headphone Black Friday Deals 2024. You can say that a lot of benefits come with Focal Utopia Headphone.

Focal Stellia Closed-Back Circum-Aural Over-Ear Headphones (Cognac)

$2,999.00  in stock
6 new from $2,999.00
3 used from $2,399.00
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2024 3:52 pm


  • Focal Stellia headphones deliver every tiny detail of every song at both very high and very low frequencies without compromising any tonal balance
  • Incredible dynamics within a pair of closed-back headphones
  • Each component has been developed with optimal acoustics in mind without compromising on style; Because at Focal innovation goes beyond technology; it influences product use and aesthetics
  • Focal stellia headphones deliver every tiny detail of every song at both very high and very low frequencies without compromising any tonal balance

Focal Elegia Audiophile Circum-Aural Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones (Black/Silver)

$698.96  in stock
3 new from $698.96
4 used from $449.99
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2024 3:52 pm


  • High-end closed-back design for home use and on-the-go
  • Exclusive full-range speaker-driver with an 'M'-shape aluminium/magnesium dome (patent pending)
  • Incredible tonal balance, which is able to reproduce the subtlest sound details at both very high and very low frequencies
  • Excellent performance when connected to a portable audiophile player.
  • Very good ambient noise soundproofing - Comfortable and ergonomic

Focal Clear Over-Ear High-Resolution Audiophile Headphones (Gray)

 in stock
1 used from $1,117.50
as of June 17, 2024 3:52 pm


  • Audiophile high-end circum-aural open-backed headphones for low-noise environments
  • A pure, technophile and sophisticated design thanks to their solid aluminium yoke and the Leather headband
  • Open high-fidelity headphone made in France
  • Circum-aural open-back headphones

Focal Clear Professional Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones (Red/Black)

$1,499.00  in stock
2 new from $1,499.00
1 used from $1,274.95
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2024 3:52 pm


  • Type Circum-aural open-back headphones Impedance 55 Ohms Sensitivity 104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz THD 0,25% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL Frequency response 5Hz-28kHz Loudspeaker 1.6" (40mm) Aluminum/Magnesium 'M'-shape dome Weight 0.99lb / 450g Cables provided 16.5ft (5m) unbalanced coiled cable (01 /4" TRS Jack) 3.9ft (1.2m) unbalanced cable (01/8" TRS Jack) 3.5 mm to 6.35 mm jack adapter Spare cushions 2 spare cushions provided Hard-shell carrying case provided 9.8"x9.4"x4.7" (250x240x120mm)

Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Design:

Like the rest of the Focal line-up, the design is fantastic. The silver and grey colors of the Clear are pretty striking, but there is some concern about them “staining” over time from oils, sweat, etc.

I bought a cheap fabric “headband cover” to avoid this with the headband, just in case. The pads are nice and soft – they feel nicer and a bit softer/smoother than the Elear pads.

The headphones are a little heavy but like the rest of the Focal lineup, the weight is distributed well so they are quite comfortable. They do feel like they have slightly tighter clamp then the Elear and Utopia.

I’m sure most of the design has been covered so I won’t get much more into it.

Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals
Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals

They come with multiple cables, which is also a bonus. To be honest, the look of the cables is awesome, but I don’t love how stiff they are. They don’t feel super flexible and are pretty kinked. I don’t think I dislike them enough to worry about buying something custom, but time will tell.

Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Sound:

The Clears live up to their name and sound very CLEAR. They are a mostly neutral sounding headphone with pretty flat bass response, a mostly flat or slightly forward midrange and a touch of brightness in the treble. I find them notably brighter than the Elear, but just a tad less bright than the Utopia. They do present some rumble and thump is the sub-bass, but it’s a step back from the Elear which has more elevated bass.

While they are a bit brighter then my personal preference, they aren’t harsh or fatiguing so far for me. The Clear is not laid back though, so if you are looking for an improved HD650 type signature, this is a different path.

I mention the 650 because I think a good number of people are looking for the next logical step from those headphones.

The Clear is definitely a superior headphone from my perspective, but a different sound. The Clear is very detailed in the mids and highs, much smoother sounding than the more uneven Elear.

They aren’t as detailed or resolving as the Utopia. The sound stage isn’t very wide, but I do hear a bit more width than the Elear. The separation of instruments and depth is great.

These are a really great “jack of all trades” headphones. They sound pretty good with almost all genres but especially good with Rock, Jazz, Blues.

They sound good with bass-heavy genres as well like Hip Hop and EDM, but some people might prefer a bit more sub-bass here.

Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Overall Review:

The Clear is a great headphone and a great addition to Focals’ lineup. I think each of their headphones does enough to distinguish itself from the others.

Depending on your preferred sound, all three I’ve auditioned are wonderful. I’ve been using the Clear with the new Schiit Asgard 3 with installed Multibit DAC. It’s a mostly neutral sounding amp, brighter than the warmer sounding Asgard 2. A warmer sounding amp might work well too if you maybe want to pull back a bit on the brightness of the Clear.

The Black Friday Focal Utopia Headphone Deals 2023 will starts in a few days. Focal Utopia Headphone Deals will be available at a whopping discount.

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I hope this list of the best Focal Utopia Headphones will be helpful for you.

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