Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro Deal 2021 [Best WordPress Adsense Plugin]

Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Adsense Plugin Black Friday 2021 – Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro Deals, Sales, ADs 2021. Shop Online Ad Inserter Pro Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday wordpress ad management plugin Deal 2021. Managing ads can be daunting without the proper tools. Thankfully, that is now a thing in the past. There are a lot of WordPress plugins out there that have been proven robust in making site monetization easier to manage.

Ad Inserter Pro is the only WordPress plugin you need to insert any code anywhere on WordPress website: ads, banners, widgets, forms, tracking codes, etc. This is the most Advanced WordPress Ads Management Plugin.

Ad Inserter is one of the most popular and highly rated ad management plugins at for a reason. When we discuss adsense auto ads WordPress Plugin, We can’t ignore Ad Inserter.

At a basic level, it makes it easy to manage your ads and display them on your site. But it also gives you access to a lot of smaller features that give you deep control over how your ads function.

Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Adsense Plugin Black Friday


Ad Inserter is a popular WordPress plugin that lets you manage and run ads on any WordPress site. This plugin does the job really well that it promises to.

Read this dedicated guide if you use Adsense ads.

Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Adsense Plugin

The Pro version does some advantages, though. Here are 4 reasons you might want to pay for the Pro version.

1. More Blocks – Up To 96
The free version lets you create 16 different ad blocks. If you ever run out, the Pro version expands that. Depending on which version you choose, you can expand it to between 64-96 code blocks.

You also get the option to use more custom hooks.

2. A/B Testing / Ad Statistics
The free version lets you rotate ads, but if you want to really A/B test those ads with data and/or view impression/clicks statistics for your ads, you’ll need the Pro version.

3. Sticky Ad Positions
Ad Inserter Pro lets you display “sticky” ads that stay with users as they scroll down the page (with an optional close button).

4. Country-Level Geotargeting
Finally, Ad Inserter Pro also makes it possible to geotarget your ads to specific countries, which is helpful if you have ads that only accept users from specific locations.

How Much Does Ad Inserter Pro Cost?
As I mentioned above, you can use the free version of Ad inserter plugin or you can grab Pro version if you are an experienced blogger and need more features and control.

There are four different Ad Inserter Pro plans:

  • Personal – $20 – 64 code blocks and use on 2 sites
  • Freelancer – $30 – 64 code blocks and use on 5 sites
  • Business – $50 – 80 code blocks and use on 25 sites
  • Corporate – $100 – 96 code blocks and use on 100 sites

Black Friday Ads Inserter Pro Deals

Stop thinking about how to place google adsense code in wordpress, Ad Inserter Pro is the Plugin which can solve your all Problem.

Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro Deal

Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Adsense Plugin

Ad inserter is way ahead of all the ad management plugins our there in terms of features, Targeting audience and pricing.

Ad inserter is the only ad management plugin who gives that many advanced features at this cheap price.

For example, the single site license for advance ads is €60, which is really costly compared to Ad inserter and it also has fewer features than Ad inserter.

The free version of Ad inserter is also had some mind-blowing features which you cannot find on other plugins.

So, know I think you can understand why it is the best among all Ad Management plugins.

Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Adsense Plugin

Ad Inserter Pro is especially good at inserting ads like AdSense and Amazon. You can choose paragraph number (or relative position on the page) and alignment for each block.

You can also specify clearance options to avoid the insertion of ads near images or headers. You can make Amazon Native Shopping Ads contextual and display products related to the page content.

Ad Inserter Pro supports ad scheduling, ad rotation and country-level GEO targeting (works also with caching).

You can also serve different ads to different devices (desktop, tablet, phone) and you can define exceptions for individual pages or posts where ads should not be inserted.

There are also additional options for multisite installations to limit settings on the sub-sites.


Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Adsense Plugin

To summarize, Ad Inserter Pro offers great value for the money you spend on the plugin. Not only is it extremely open to various platforms, but it is also equally flexible to all blogging designs and can be accommodated on any blog with equal ease.

According to the ads pro plugin documentation, This is the only plugin that allows blog owners to complete control on when and where they place ads on their blogs and comes at an extremely pocket-friendly price.

Undoubtedly, it is the plugin you must have on your WordPress blog. This is the Best native ads wordpress plugin.

Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Adsense Plugin
Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro Deal

Ad Inserter Pro Features

  • 64 code blocks (advert or any other HTML/Javascript/PHP code)
  • Syntax highlighting editor
  • Code preview with visual CSS editor
  • Automatic insertion before or after post / content / paragraph / excerpt
  • Automatic insertion between posts on blog pages
  • Insertion exceptions for posts and pages
  • Manual insertion: widgets, shortcodes, PHP function call
  • Sticky positions (ads do not move when the page scrolls)
  • Block alignment and style customizations
  • Clearance options to avoid insertion near images or headers
  • Options to disable insertion on 404 error pages or in feeds
  • Ad rotation (works also with caching)
  • Support for AMP pages
  • PHP code processing
  • Support for header and footer code
  • Desktop, tablet and phone server-side device detection
  • Client-side device detection (works with caching, 6 custom viewports)
  • Black/White-list categories, tags, post IDs, urls, referrers
  • Black/White-list IP addresses or countries (works also with caching)
  • Multisite options to limit settings on the sites
  • Import/Export block or plugin settings
  • Scheduling with fallback option
  • Country-level GEO targeting (works also with caching)
  • Simple troubleshooting with many debugging functions
  • Visualization of inserted code blocks or ads for easier placement
  • Visualization of available positions for automatic ad insertion
  • Visualization of HTML tags for easier ad placement between paragraphs
  • Support via email

Black Friday Ad Inserter Pro WordPress Adsense Plugin

As I said earlier in this article that if you just want to use Ad inserter for just inserting ads then the free version of Ad Inserter is the ideal option for you.

This is the Best ad inserter wordpress plugin.

But, if you want to increase your conversion rate by displaying ads to the targeted audience then Ad inserter is the best option for you because it has so many more amazing features that will help you to display the right ads to the right people.

Which Ad management plugin are you using right now on your website? Does it have more features than Ad inserter? Do you use Ad inserter pro, then what’s your experience? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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