Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Sale 2020

Link Whisper Black Friday – Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Sale 2020  – Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that will help you quickly and easily add smart and beneficial internal links throughout your site. I truly believe that Link Whisper will revolutionize the way that internal links are built.

I’ll dive into exactly what it does in a minute.  However, I’ve yet to find any tools that really do what I’m envisioning and that makes me a little nervous.  After all, if no one has built it yet, that might mean that no one would buy it.

Link Whisper Black Friday Price 2019
Link Whisper Black Friday Price

The most common internal linking plugins right now and very simple and require your input.  They mostly work like this: you input a keyword or phrase that you want links built for, then the plugin scans your site for every time that keyword or phrase is mentioned and adds the link for those keywords.

Maybe there is a good use case for doing something like that, but those types of links sound like a great way to penalize yourself for over-optimized anchor text.   I personally would never use a tool like that.

Link Whisper Black Friday 2021

Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Logo Link Whisper

Internal link building is the process of linking the different pages on your website to each other. Link Whisper Plugin Review Reveals Why You Need this Time-Saving Internal Link-Building Plugin.

Link Whisper is a premium WordPress plugin. There is no free version, and unfortunately, there is no trial version as well.

The basic license is priced at $67 for 1 site and goes way up to $147 for 10 sites. You can use the coupon code “Link10″ to get a $10 discount on all plans.


  1. Link Whisper automatically suggests internal links (with anchor text) FROM articles you are editing or have written previously to other articles on your site (Outbound internal links).
  2. Link Whisper automatically suggests internal links (with anchor text) TO a specific article that you more links pointing to (Inbound internal links).
  3. Link Whisper provides a comprehensive Linking Report that how many internal and external links each of your articles have.
Linkwhisper - Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin
Linkwhisper – Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin

Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Sale Quick Info

Is It Recommended? Yes. Highly.

Who Should Use It? Link Whisper is a must-have WordPress plugin for every blogger. It is especially helpful to bloggers who have ignored internal link building and need to catch up quickly.

Black Friday Link Whisper Pricing

  • $67/Year for 1 Site.
  • $97/Year for 3 Sites.
  • $147/Year for 10 sites.

Same for Black Friday Link Whisper Sale (We will Update).

Link Whisper Black Friday Summary

This plugin saved me days worth of time. If you are a serious blogger, this is in my top 3 most recommended WordPress plugins.

Building internal links is one of the most neglected practices SEOs do. If you do it manually, it tends to be very tedious and no automatic solution is good enough to risk employing it on your money-maker. Well, that might be about to change and if you read this Link Whisper review to the end, you will see why.

Linkwhisper Addlinks - Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin
Linkwhisper Addlinks – Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin

Here’s how Link Whisper works in a new post

  1. Step 1: After you have purchased your license of Link Whisper, Install the plugin
  2. Step 2:  Create a new post or page and get save your content in the visual editor as a Draft.
  3. Step 3: Scroll lower to the section “Link Whisper Suggested Links”.  You can decide what links you want to include in your article under which anchors – pick and choose as you see fit.
  4. Step 4: Publish the article.

Simple Install
Setup is as simple as installing the plugin and activating it. Links suggestions will then happen automatically.

Easy to Use
It really is as easy as reviewing the link suggestions and checking the box next to the ones you want. Click and done.

Continuous Suggestions
As you add more content to your site, Link Whisper continuously finds new internal link opportunities…automatically!

Time saver
Finding content, selecting anchor text, and inserting links take a long time. Let Link Whisper do most of the work for you.

Powerful Reporting
Quickly see how many internal links are pointing to or from each article on your site; including outbound external links.

Improve Rankings
Internal links are a standard way to increase rankings in Google. Now you can do it faster.

Editor Compatible
Compatible with all editors: Classic, Gutenburg, Thrive, Elementor, or other visual editors.

User Success
Link Whisper is building an ever-growing army of fans that love the amount of time they save and the results they see building internal links.

Is Link Whisper Worth The Money?

Our verdict on Link Whisper is this: Link Whisper is a time-saving, bare-bones plugin that allows affiliate marketers to save time and improve their search engine optimization at the same time. It comes in at a relatively low price point, and if you’re looking for a comprehensive internal link building plugin, this is the one.

This wouldn’t be a complete review if we didn’t note a few of the negatives with using internal link building plugins; for one, you could end up with a lot of repetitive, spammy internal links with the exact same anchor text, so watch for that as you use this plugin. Additionally, post plugins can sometimes hurt your site speed, which actually does hurt your SEO. These are minor considerations to take into account, but they’re worth noting before you decide on an internal link management plugin.

Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Review

Pros and Cons of Link Whisper


  • It makes loads of suggestions and they are all highly relevant. There were complaints about poor suggestions in the early versions of the plugin but that is fixed now.
  • As mentioned above – speed, add inbound links in seconds to any post.
  • Complete control – you don’t have to insert links if you don’t want to. You pick and choose what to insert and with what anchor text.
  • Low price for the amount of time saved:  it is reasonably priced and charged on an anual basis.


  • It does not make suggestions on external link opportunities:  Link Whisper has no feature that would suggest external outbound link opportunities.
  • It does not build inbound internal links into the article you’re working on:  This plugin will not create links to the article you’re working on.  It only creates links from the post to other articles on your site.  In order to do this, you have to go to the main report page, click “Add” for that particular page (or post) and then build piles of suggested inbound links. 

Link Whisper’s BEST Feature – Add many inbound internal links in seconds

While I like the ability to quickly build inbound links on the fly, as shown above, my favorite Link Whisper feature is the ability to build one, five, ten or dozens (or more) inbound links to ANY article in seconds.

Link Whisper Black Friday WordPress Plugin Sale
(Regular Price)

Pricing for Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Sale.

Linkwhisper Pricing - Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin
Black Friday Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Pricing

This feature is the reason you want to get this plugin.

In a nutshell, you run the Link Whisper report and it loads in all your posts and indicates how many internal inbound and internal outbound links each article has.

This is all well and good, but the pure genius is being able to click into a particular article and within seconds build multiple inbound links to that specific article. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

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