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Best Flashlights Black Friday Deals With Buying Guide

Written By | Last updated on Monday, June 24th, 2024

Flashlights Black Friday – Modern flashlights offer a longer battery life, potent LED luminance, and excellent colour rendering, making them useful in a variety of situations. See our selections for the top flashlights for black friday deals 2022.

Flashlights still have advantages over headlamps in some situations if you’re looking for a strong, versatile lighting solution.

Flashlights can be directed in any direction, not just in the direction you are looking. Additionally, because they are less constrained by weight, they frequently have batteries that are extremely powerful and long-lasting for small devices.

If you enjoy torches, continue reading to learn about the top flashlights currently on the market. We rated these according to their weight, size, battery life, colour rendering, and versatility of lighting because we are primarily interested in the outdoors.

For useful advice, make sure to read the buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions. To aid in your decision-making, take a look at our comparison table.

Please feel free to scroll through and look at every one of our suggested purchases or to jump to the category you’re interested in.

We discussed on black friday deals on quality flashlights and lights of all types including: EDC, keychain, headlamps, lanterns, weapon, work, and many others.

Flashlights Black Friday

Flashlights Manufacturers – A good LED flashlight would be useful for everyone, right? Here are a few good Black Friday 2022 flashlight deals that I thought were worthwhile to mention.

Please leave me a comment if you have any queries or if you’ve found any other flashlight deals and sales that you think are excellent values.

Flashlights Black Friday Coupon Codes

Flashlights Manufacturers

The following are manufacturers of quality lights with links to their main sites. You should not be disappointed with your purchase of any of their products. Feel free to ask the community any questions you have about any brands and models.

BrandHeadquarters inMade in
Acebeam (formerly known as Supbeam)ChinaChina
Black DiamondUSAChina
L.E.D. LenserGermanyChina
LensLight (Website is down)USAUSA
MagliteUSAUSA(parts from China?)
Malkoff DevicesUSAUSA
Peak LED SolutionsUSAUSA
Princeton TecUSAChina/USA
Prometheus LightsUSASee link
Titanium InnovationsUSAChina

Flashlight Requirements

I want to ask for a recommendation from the community, what should I ask for?

We’ve compiled a list of questions for you to ask yourself, before asking the community for their opinions. It’s not required, but it gives us a fairly good understanding of what you’re looking for in a light. More information the better. Remember, in general the more “features” equal the more expensive the light will be.

Purpose – What will the light’s main (and secondary) use be?

Size – Does it need to be under a certain size or are you flexible?

Battery Type & Quantity – This will play a crucial part on the size and weight of your flashlight. You may also want to mention if you want ‘non standard’ battery types like CR123a’s. The most common battery types are AAA, AA, 18650, and CR123a.

Price Range – How much are you willing to pay? Even ballpark numbers are useful. Is this price limit only on the light itself or does it include and necessary batteries and chargers as well?

Type – Do you want a handheld flashlight? Headlamp? Lantern?

Lumens – A general indication of the brightness you would like from your light. Remember the higher the lumens, the more batteries you’ll require for a long runtime.

Switch Type – Sometimes important to users, other times not. Side s witch, tail switch (on the end of the torch) (forward or reverse), or twisty (turn the head or tail of the light). For the tactical user pressure switches are available for gun mounted lights.

Anything Else? – Anything else you’re looking for in your flashlight that is not included above? Throw or Flood, Waterproof & Durability, Modes.

Give us as much information as possible!

Or if you’d like to find the perfect light for yourself then check out Parametrek which has over 1200 lights all categorized making it super easy to narrow down your requirements. You could even do a follow up and post asking if said light is a good use for your needs.

Best Flashlights Black Friday

Flashlight Glossary & Information

This is a basic glossary to help users get a quick understanding of:

Throw – is the flashlights ability to project light over a distance.

Flood – is the ability to illuminate a large area, usually at a short distance (flood and throw are generally used as opposites to one another)

Lumens – is the measure of total light produced by the flashlight. For an official measurement a flashlight is shone into an integrating sphere where the light can spread, stopping any directional bias from the lens.

Tail stand – is the ability for a flashlight to stand vertically on its end with the lens facing upwards

Lux – is used to measure illuminance – a measure of how much visible light is spread over a given area. Lux will change whether the measurement has been taken in the hot-spot or spill of the emitted light. This measurement is particularly biased, as there are no standardised flashlight lux tests.

Drop in – is where parts of a flashlight can be easily replaced in order to upgrade or modify the light. Many brands have a base model that can be “upgraded” with more features when more funds are available. This is also quite useful when part of the torch is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Tactical – is a marketing term used to describe a flashlight with features which may be useful for law enforcement etc. Tactical flashlight usually have simple operation, a forward clicky, strobe light, gun mounts, durability etc.

Candle – is used to describe a flashlight that has 360 degrees of visible light around the flashlight. Popular models such as the Maglite allow this to be done by removing the head of the flashlight completely to expose the bulb.

Hot Spot – is the central, most intense part of the flashlight beam.

Spill – is the area of light emitted outside the hot-spot of the flashlight beam.

Forward Clicky – is a switch that is on when the button is pushed, however locks on when the button is completely pushed in. To turn the flashlight off you need to press, then depress the button completely.

EDC– Acronym that stands for “Every Day Carry”.

Flashlights Common Issues

  1. If you haven’t already done so, check to see if your batteries are charged, and they are a suitable type (you may need to check the manual for this)
  2. If your light uses more than one battery, use a DMM (digital multimeter) and make sure the batteries are all at the same voltage.
  3. For lights with a tailswitch, remove the tailcap and bridge the battery to the bare metal end of the body tube to bypass the switch. If the light works this way and not with the switch in place, you need a new switch.
  4. Check the emitter for any visible damage, such as scorch marks or separation of the dome from the phosphor.
  5. Check your polarities. It might sound stupid, but make sure the batteries are both in facing the right way in the light.
  6. Clean your contact surfaces on the light with deoxit and clean your threads with alcohol and a paper towel until there is nothing on them, then re-lube them with a lube that doesn’t harm the threads. (i.e. Nyogel 759 or 760) .
  7. Connect your batteries and use the multimeter to test different areas of the driver (i.e. to see if the bulb/switch etc is broken)
  8. If the light is still not working after this, it’s probably an internal issue and you should talk to your seller

Flashlights Other Issues

Thread has worn away: Threads are a problem to fix as a long term solution. A short term solution is to jam wire between the threads

Flickering: Usually caused by a loose connection. Progressively pull apart the light, testing each section one at a time. a multimeter can also help.

Battery Acid Leaking. Pull the bulb/LED/whatever out, put on some gloves, and bathe it in vinegar until you can get the batteries out. The vinegar neutralizes the KOH and cleans it up pretty effectively. The aluminum probably survived fine, although the spring in the base might look a bit rough when you’re done, and you might have to replace the O-rings. Rinse again with clean water and let it dry. Lube the threads and O-rings with silicone grease and put everything back together.

Onboard-charging light doesn’t charge. If the light has a mechanical power switch, make sure the switch is turned on. On many lights, the charging feature won’t work otherwise.

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